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New Construction

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Choosing to build or remodel a home or condominium is an important and emotional decision.

Choosing to build or remodel a home is an important
and emotional decision.

That's why it's so critical to find a builder you can trust – a hands-on builder who is willing to take the time that is necessary to work through all of the important decisions and small details.  We feel this is what it takes for clients to be completely satisfied with their build or remodel and what is necessary to make your dream a reality.

At Coastal Oaks Construction, we pride ourselves on a fully transparent process and open lines of communication from start to finish. By doing so we’re not just meeting your goals, we're exceeding them.   

Our goal is the complete satisfaction of each and every one of our clients. So we do everything in our power to make sure you're as delighted with the process as you are with the final result. We want to deliver an experience that’s simply better. The way we see it, that's how you build relationships for life.

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